Gostilna Samarin
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With 30 years tradition


For all those who haven’t heard for restaurant »Samarin«, we should say that this is an idyllic White Carniolian (belokranjska) restaurant, located by the main Črnomelj – Vinica road in the White Carniolia (Bela krajina) region.

Since our opening in 1980 we are open for all thirsty and hungry people all day long, also on Sundays and holidays from 7 am so you can also enjoy in our brunches.

We are well-known on our daily fresh roast lamb and piglet on grill, and dishes broiled on barbecue on charcoal.

But each of you can find something for himself, because we also offer: soups, salads, pasta, pizzas, steaks, fishes, ice-cream and desserts.

Restaurant Samarin in know by his extremely hospitality and fast service and mouth-watering dishes and good wine.

We hope that you will decide to visit our restaurant.

So stop at our place, when you are traveling in the green valley of Kolpa river, or when you are going to Croatian see, refresh yourself and go on…..

Nicely welcome!

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